Welcome to the Book of Eight Sages.

This Campaign is occurring in two stages. First is a game of Lexicon, where we (players and GM) will work together to build the setting in the form of an in-game encyclopedia – the Book of Eight Sages, compiled in the wiki. Here is a little bit about that august tome:

The Book of Eight Sages was commissioned by the Coral Empress, although it was completed a few short years after her death due. It is notable because the “sages” chosen to fill its pages were an eclectic lot, including at least one criminal pardoned specifically by the Empress for the purposes of contributing to it. Indeed several of the authors were pressed into active military service against rebellious clans ultimately leading to delays in the publication of the tome. Despite or perhaps because of this unusual origin the book was considered by many a useful, if not unbiased, guide to the Empire, and the barbarous lands beyond.

The second phase of the game will use a modified version of the D&D 4E rules, making the skill system more active and exciting to help the game when intrigue, mystery, or romance comes to the fore.

The Book of Eight Sages

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